Mortgage Protection

Did you know Mortgage Protection Insurance with Living Benefits now has many features to help you pay your mortgage payments while you are living and protect your family’s home in the event of your death.

These additional features can help insure the policy holder’s ability to meet his/her mortgage obligations while recovering. Why choose a plan with only a death benefit when you can have living benefits for no extra cost?

Life Insurance

Did you know that in just the United States about every 34 seconds, someone has a heart attack1, and at the age of 40 the risk of developing heart failure is one in five.4 someone will suffer from a stroke about every 40 seconds,2 and every 30 seconds a new cancer is diagnosed? 3 The risk for developing cancer in your lifetime is one in two for men and one in three for women!

A Life Insurance Policy with Living Benefits* will not only pay a death benefit if the insured dies, but will pay Living Benefits* if the insured develops a Terminal, Chronic or Critical Illness while living? Why choose a plan with only a death benefit when you can have living benefits for no extra cost?

Health Insurance

Did you know thousands of families take a gamble everyday living without a Health Insurance Policy* or Life Insurance Policy*. Being without insurance can be very difficult if you or a member of your family falls sick.

Finding affordable insurance can be very hard, especially if you’re self-employed or if you’re working for a company that doesn’t offer benefits. Luckily, there is a solution! There are a variety of dependable, affordable health insurance policy plans for you and your family. Regardless of your health, you can find a plan that fits your individual needs and budget.

Why BTB Insurance Group

BTB Insurance Group is dedicated to providing excellent, personalized service, for all your insurance needs. We are proud to represent multiple insurance carriers, ensuring our clients have the best insurance options available to them. BTB Insurance Group only represents A rated insurance carriers, providing financially strong, dependable companies to rely on. Our personalized service guarantees you will always speak with an experienced, licensed insurance agent, never a call center or automated answering system. BTB Insurance Group takes pride in providing its clients’ high quality insurance plans and the service they deserve. We look forward to personally helping you choose the right insurance plan and company for your needs and budget.