Yachting is exactly the adventure you need to counter the mundane grind of life on land. Whether you get out once a year or once a month, a yacht club membership can add an extra layer of excitement to your investment. Not all yacht clubs are created equal, so it takes a bit of knowledge to choose the right one.


Some clubs exist only on paper and have memberships of fewer than 100 people, while other clubs provide a host of amenities including boat storage, organized cruises and use of the premises, including meeting rooms and dining.


Yacht club membership opens your world to like-minded individuals who value the experience of seamanship and exploring new destinations. From these experienced mariners, you will gain wisdom and memorable tales of life on the high seas.


When joining a club, it’s important to understand what protections the club provides to you and your boat while on its premises. Be familiar with the yacht club insurance policy, while maintaining your own insurance. Mariners General Insurance Group advises that you not only ensure your vessel and the technology with which it is equipped but also the personal effects that you bring on board.

Joining a yacht club can take your seafaring experience to the next level. Research the various clubs in your area to find the one that provides the most value to you as a yacht owner.