Safety is a common reason why so many homeowners choose to live in planned residential communities. A well-designed security camera system can help an HOA to create a safe environment for residents and their guests. Here are a few things that HOA board members should consider about using security cameras strategically.

Use High Quality Cameras

Different camera model options offer an extensive range of capabilities. Ideally, security cameras for HOA use should provide wide angle frames, nighttime vision, and enhanced video resolution.

Consider Placement Carefully

Having cameras that cover the entirety of the premises in an HOA may be infeasible. It is important to choose camera locations that offer coverage of the most high traffic areas. Points of entry and egress into a community are generally good areas to include in a coverage map.

Create a Plan for Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Non Working cameras can create serious problems for an HOA. IT may not have vital footage that they need, and failure to maintain a system could cause it to incur significant liability. Working with a reputable and responsive service provider can enable HOAs to address system malfunctions expediently.

Security camera surveillance is an outstanding way for HOAs to show homeowners that safety is important. It may also deter potential criminals from engaging in any type of wrongdoing because video monitoring is in use.