When you are just starting a business, it can be hard to imagine what kinds of liability risks you might face in the future. Media businesses can lose a lot of revenue if served with a legal challenge over their content creations, so you need specific coverage that can handle those risks.

What Can Errors and Omissions Insurance Do for You?

Errors and omissions insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that provides coverage for your company from claims or lawsuits because of a complaint that your company harmed the business of another entity.

Obtaining e&o for a media company can defend you from any claims or legal accusations that you might face in doing business, such as:

  • copyright infringement
  • plagarism
  • negligence
  • libel
  • slander
  • breach of implied contract or agreement
  • breach of license

Does Errors and Omission Insurance Cover All Risks?

Errors and omissions liability insurance covers many professional liability claims, but it is not universal coverage. Some things that these policies may not cover include intentional or dishonest acts, discrimination, or liability for your company’s products.

Professional liability insurance protects your financial investment in your business. Claims against media companies can be costly and time-consuming to defend, which is why you should consider adding errors and omissions insurance.