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Although the benefits of marijuana use (which is also commonly referred to as cannabis) have been demonstrated for several years it is still only legal in 11 states. Using marijuana is still considered illegal on a federal level. The federal government has categorized marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. This means it is still seen as not having any proven medical benefit and is considered to be potentially addicting. This is why marijuana use and sales are regulated by each individual state. Things will remain this way until the federal government changes its schedule.

Cannabis in Califonia

In 2012 Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize marijuana, but California came just four years later. California is known as one of the more progressive states, though, because it is very readily available – especially in larger cities. California also prides itself for manufacturing several high-quality organic marijuana products.

Benefits of Cannabis

While federal legislators continue to argue about its benefits, California residents are enjoying relief from dozens of ailments. As seen on King Harvest Wellness, some of the most common issues that marijuana and cannabis oil are being used for include the following:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Several studies are also currently underway to determine whether or not cannabis can help prevent the spread of cancer.