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Scrub-wearing angels in disguise, nurses are the glue that hold medical practices down. They are advocates of their patients and fight for them every day. They tend to the daily care of patients and oversee their progress. Their companies take care of them in their own way by utilizing insurance staffing agencies, but a more personal touch should come from you as the patient, insurance staffing agencies aside. May 6th through the 12th is National Nurses Week, so remind a special nurse in your life how much they are loved and appreciated.

Send an arrangement of bright, sunny flowers to their desk at work. Flowers make everyone smile, and a vase of flowers on the desk always creates a positive buzz!

Give a gift certificate for a massage, pedicure or some kind of spa treatment. Nurses work long hours during both the day and the night. Give your special nurse something that will allow them time alone to relax.
Buy tickets to an event. This can be as simple as movie tickets or as elaborate as concert tickets, but be sure to pick something your nurse likes!

Nurses are extraordinary people who always go the extra mile for their patients. If there’s a special nurse in your life, go the extra mile for them in showing your appreciation.