The legitimate cannabis industry might still be in its infancy, but that doesn’t mean there have not been serious regulations put into place. If you own or operate a company involved in the manufacturing, distribution, or sales of cannabis products, then you absolutely need to take time to find a comprehensive insurance policy that will keep you and your assets protected in the event of a major issue. There are several reasons why you need to go above and beyond in the cannabis industry.

Follow Federal and State Regulations

As reported by professional outlets, selecting cannabis wholesalers insurance can be a complicated and involved endeavor. This is largely due to cannabis still being labeled as an illegal narcotic on a federal level. Though more than 30 states have legalized medical or recreational cannabis products, the inaction on a federal scale creates major risks for businesses involved. Making one simple error can easily lead to your property being seized by the FBI. To avoid this, you require insurance that protects you and covers the major gaps created by the disparities between state and federal control. Additional points include:

  • Coverage for agricultural employees
  • General liability and product liability
  • Errors and omissions insurance

Protect Your Resources

By taking the time to find a plan that completely covers all of your needs, you can give yourself peace of mind and confidence in the future of your company. Learn more about your options to discover a policy that works for your industry.