Project managers who work with scaffolding understand the importance of making sure that structures are safe. While scaffolding structures may be essential to the completion of a job, workers must never rush through the process of putting scaffolds together, and they need to be very vigilant about using them safely.


Bringing materials onto construction scaffolding or using it to remove demo debris requires the utmost care. Even a very secure structure could collapse or fall if there is a significant imbalance in weight.


It is imperative that workers be mindful about sharing space on a structure. Trying to maneuver around one another can be somewhat difficult, particularly when people are carrying something heavy. Good communication and teamwork will help everyone on a jobsite maintain good situational awareness while using scaffolding.


Certain types of scaffolds need city or municipal permits. A local building department’s regulations may seem kind of onerous, but compliance is critical. Compliance with the permitting process is vital for everyone’s safety, and failure to get the proper permitting could hold up work significantly.

Ultimately, setting up scaffolding and working on it involves a high level of skill and care. Jobsite managers need to limit their companies’ risk exposure by using good quality materials, training staff, and complying with all applicable regulations.