harassment by resident

Owning properties is an excellent investment for any individual looking to create generational wealth. These properties act as steady streams of income and are often excellent when it comes to experiencing a return on investment. With this said, property owners also have problems that arise from time to time and harassment by resident happens to be one of them. This is especially true for residents that live in shared structures such as apartment buildings. Typically, people keep to themselves and respect others that share these spaces. However, there is always a possibility that a resident can become disgruntled and take out frustration on other residents. This can place your property in danger of a host of liability claims that you likely wish to avoid.

Harassment Claims

When harassment occurs in an apartment building, it can take many forms. Most commonly, this harassment stems from discriminatory marks about race, religion, or the sex of the offended party. Since the two parties involved in this altercation are adults, they should be able to work through these issues by themselves. One way to curve this type of behavior involves establishing community guidelines and setting precedents for actions that will not be tolerated. If there are known consequences for abrasive behavior, it will decrease the chance of it occurring at your property.