volunteer insurance service

Non-profit organizations have a unique place in the business and insurance worlds. While they are not exactly companies in the common use of the term, they need to operate much like businesses in their record-keeping and risk management. They also have needs for-profit companies don’t have, because having a largely volunteer workforce with unpredictable levels of training in the work can introduce risks traditional accident insurance doesn’t anticipate. As explained at visvolunteers.com, injuries to volunteers on-site can bloat the cost of your core liability insurance, making it harder for you to maintain the coverage you need for your paid staff and visitors. By adding a specialized nonprofit volunteer accident insurance, you can streamline costs while strengthening your risk management plan.

Fill in the Gaps in Your Coverage

It’s very common to have unforeseen areas of under-insurance, no matter what kind of work you do or whether you’re for-profit or non-profit in your operating status. That’s why it’s important for every organization to find the insurers who understand the work and the risks that come with it. Sometimes that means working with someone who can put together a single comprehensive plan, but more often it means finding the people who can supplement your general liability coverage with the right additions to keep you fully insured against all the foreseeable liabilities you might incur.