Disability Insurance

Often, people mistake disability insurance for workers’ comp disabilities insurance. The two, however, do have a key difference. The similarity, however, is in the fact that both pay for injuries or illnesses that your employees suffer from.

What Is Disability Insurance?

The experts at insuremyworkcomp.com/ explain that the difference between workers’ compensation benefits and disability insurance is that disability insurance covers injuries or illnesses that are not related to work. As an employer, you have a duty to your employees if they are injured on the job. Some states may require you to have temporary disability benefits for your employees. These benefits are meant to supplement federal SSD benefits.

When it comes to state-mandated benefits, you do have to pay attention to the laws of your state. There may be requirements when it comes to coverage and contribution amounts. It is crucial that you meet the regulations.

No one wants to think about the possibility that they could become disabled. As an employer, you want your workers to remain healthy and capable of performing their job. While sometimes accidents occur at work, it is also possible for accidents to occur on an employee’s off time. When this happens, your employee may not have any means to supplement income or to pay for health costs.