load insurance

Those working in areas of commercial transportation know the importance of keeping their cargo safe. While safe driving and careful attention help keep the contents of the haul in good condition, accidents can occur that aren’t the fault of the driver. To maintain the best coverage for these incidents, load insurance is an investment that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Before you consider if you need cargo insurance, there are certain loads that aren’t covered by a standard load policy. These operations would need a different type of liability coverage:

  • Garbage trucks
  • Limousine services
  • Buses
  • Ice cream trucks
  • Hearses
  • Passenger vans

As you research load insurance, two primary decisions will need to be made. These are the deductible and limit thresholds. A deductible is an amount you will need to pay out of pocket whenever you file steps. The limits are the amount of coverage the insurance will extend for each claim or incident filed.

Full freight coverage is really needed with those engaged in for-hire trucking activities. These include those operating dump trucks, most trailers, tractors, cement mixers, box trucks, dually pickups, cargo vans, car haulers and flatbeds. By carrying the additional policy, you are able to protect your reputation for load delivery as well as your client’s valued cargo. Check with a broker to find your coverage options.