Thayer-Innes Insurance Agency

The Michigan No-Fault Law has undergone changes that impact drivers in 2020. These changes help drivers save money while still meeting the insurance requirements of driving. Here are some of the highlights.

No Obligation

The experts at Thayer-Innes Insurance Agency state that Michigan drivers now have the option rather than the obligation of adding a No-Fault medical benefits coverage. These levels range from $50,000 to no limit. In fact, no coverage is even necessary for drivers who have Medicare as their primary medical insurance.

Policy Savings

Auto insurance premiums have gone up since the adoption of the original law. With the changes, drivers can save an average of 40% on their auto insurance by opting out of the PIP portion of the policy.

Insurance Commissioner

For those involved in an accident with the PIP coverage, the new law grants the Insurance Commissioner to help people file claims against an auto insurance company. Claims include a failure to receive payments in a timely fashion or at all. These reports would be available on a newly created website.

Advocates for changing the rising costs of auto insurance in the state helped bring about the legislation change to the Michigan No-Fault Law. These changes may help ease the financial burden of those with auto insurance.