Owning a home can be a wonderful experience, but when natural disasters occur, this usually means that homeowners are responsible for figuring out how to respond. For this reason, disaster-proofing homes from the very beginning of ownership can be a smart way to minimize damages and out-of-pocket costs that you may face down the road. Consider these ideas for starting.

Look Inside

To begin, check inside your home. Do you have a generator handy for power outages? How about a fire extinguisher? In addition, consider any clutter. For example, do you have open space in your basement if you and your family need to relocate there during an emergency?

Look Outside

Walk outside your home and take a look around. For another way to prevent damage during a disaster, keep up with your yard maintenance. It may surprise you, but miscellaneous yard particles can be particularly destructive during storms and other natural events. Trim your trees, tidy up loose objects and clean your gutters. 

Look In-Between

Do not forget to check in between the inside and the outside of your home via the windows and doors. During a disaster, these areas can be important for both avoiding shattering glass but also exiting purposes, depending on what happens. As such, consider their condition and how you might use them during an emergency.

A disaster at home can happen out of nowhere. These tips can help you prepare.