Safety Training

It’s not just companies whose daily routine involves hazardous activities that need to think about training staff to prevent workplace accidents or injuries. Source: The workplace is fraught with potential for all different kinds of accidents, and every company has a duty to train its employees on how to prevent them.

When claimants bring an action for negligence against a company, a key element of that claim is foreseeability; the accident or injury was foreseeable by the defendant and therefore should have been prevented. In reality, many accidents and injuries are foreseeable to employers, and their occurrence can be reduced dramatically or prevented entirely by establishing a thorough safety training policy. Unsurprisingly, many types of liability claims against companies related to workplace accidents or unsafe working conditions are predicated on a company’s failure to properly train its employees. By adopting and maintaining a comprehensive training program geared toward reducing accidents in the workplace, a company will be well-equipped to defend against these types of claims.

Employee safety training insurance protections that safeguard your company are a vital component of your business’s operations and risk management. The core requirements of some types of training initiatives may be mandated by industry regulations or state statutes. However, a company’s specific training program should be unique to its workforce, work-setting, and activities.