insurance for nursing homes

Keeping Nursing Homes Safely in Operation

Nursing homes provide expert care for the elderly or infirmed, which puts relatives at ease. However, due to the nature of the care, nursing facilities need to have adequate coverage. Without the right insurance for nursing homes, these facilities can earn a bad reputation, deliver subpar care and face costly lawsuits that destroy the business.

Common Complaints and Lawsuits

It’s a common belief that nursing staff and doctors are underappreciated for the long hours and arduous work they put into caring for patients. However, the level of care they provide ensures patients are able to have a comfortable life. That being said, there can be instances when patients have complaints about treatment or when staff makes mistakes. The most common claims filed against nursing homes include the following:

Unsanitary conditions
Failure to provide treatment

To mitigate these risks and keep your nursing home out of trouble, you need the right insurance that protects you when claims of this nature arise. As unpleasant as claims like the above are, they do happen and it’s best to be prepared.

Protection for Your Staff and Residents

Nursing homes provide quality care for patients, but that care can sometimes be undermined by complaints. Insurance for nursing homes protects the residents, the facility and the staff by providing coverage.