Staffing Agencies

If you run an ADA staffing agency, you may be wondering what ADA requirements are for your business and how you can comply with relevant regulations. Staffers are often a diverse pool, and it’s essential to ensure they’re protected from disability-based discrimination. Here are some essential facts you should know about ensuring your staffing agency meets ADA relevant regulations.

Employers Should Provide Reasonable Accommodations

The ADA stipulates that individuals are eligible to perform a job if they can do it either with or without reasonable accommodations. These accommodations cannot give an employer undue hardship, but rather consist of making facilities more accessible. These accommodations may include:

  • Modifying equipment
  • Adapting facility structures
  • Modifying work schedules

In some cases, adapting facilities to make them more usable and accessible could potentially be supported by government aid.

Mismanagement Can Lead to Legal Problems

If your agency is found to be non-compliant with ADA regulations, there may be financial or legal consequences. For instance, mismanagement can lead to discrimination claims and lawsuits.

Staffing agencies provide a diverse pool of workers to match clients’ needs, and ensuring workers are protected from discrimination on the basis of disability is essential. If you run your own ADA staffing agency, these key facts can help you ensure your agency is complying with all relevant regulations and providing workers needed protections.