United States Longshore Harbor Act

A recreational marine business can be quite a lucrative company to be involved with. Of course, there are plenty of variables at play when it comes to taking out appropriate insurance for such an establishment. When your business operates on or by the water, you need to make sure you are adhering to all of the strict regulations put forth within your industry. For one, the United States Longshore & Harbor Act can make a big impact on the type of insurance package that fits your company.

What Is USL&H Coverage?

Understanding the importance of USL&H insurance is all about looking closer at what the Longshore & Harbor Act entails. Essentially, the federal government states that employers operating near or on water must provide compensation to employees that goes beyond standard workers’ comp packages. The circumstances that lead to the injury or illness of the worker on a pier are handled in a very different way than the claims made with normal workers’ compensation coverage. Additional points from these regulations include:

  • Insurance for those engaged in building vessels
  • Coverage for those on navigable waters and adjoining piers
  • Compensation is based around wage loss and earning capacity

Understand the Specifics

Though taking out insurance is a must for all industries, you always need to know the specifics when it comes to full coverage. Look into your options to discover how you can get started.