Malpractice Insurance

It benefits all medical professionals to have protection against malpractice claims; however, malpractice insurance for nurses can be overlooked in lieu of standard employer liability insurance. But with malpractice claims against licensed practical nurses on the rise, more nurses are looking into malpractice coverage and discovering its benefits.

Have Peace of Mind for Cheap

Having malpractice insurance can provide peace of mind and reduce stress, and it can do so at relatively low expense—sometimes, as little as $100 for an entire year of coverage.

Get Full Coverage

Nurses may believe that their liability is covered under their employer’s insurance. However, an employer liability policy may not provide a full scope of coverage, particularly in cases where the nurse is working part-time or as an independent contractor. Malpractice insurance will help fill these gaps.

Protect Your License

Besides providing malpractice coverage, insurance for nurses can also provide coverage in the event of things like libel, confidentiality breaches, or disciplinary issues that may threaten a nurse’s license.

Malpractice insurance for nurses can be an extremely valuable asset no matter a nurse’s working situation. This insurance can provide peace of mind and full protection for minimal extra cost, and may one day prove to be an invaluable investment for the nurse.