Caitlin Morgan

Whenever you operate a business that deals with patient care, there is always an assumption risk. The sad truth about issues of health and wellness is that things can go wrong and patients can suffer adverse reactions or experience harm. It could be that a patient has an unknown allergic reaction to an administered medication. Patients can have strokes or heart attacks without warning, as well as experience slips or falls. According to the information presented by Caitlin Morgan, having a nursing agency insurance policy is the way to keep these risks from ruining your business.

Addressing Risk and Exposure

The clinicians and healthcare staff that work in a care facility are an additional risk for companies, as the errors made in the assessment or potential issues of neglect or abuse can become a legal concern. While professional service providers should carry a personal malpractice policy, there are additional coverage options that can be taken by the employer to minimize the risk. More important, having a risk management plan in place is the best strategy for keeping all employees, patients, families, vendors, and third parties involved in a safe environment.

The legal and financial impact of a patient’s claim of harm or injury can be devastating to a small care facility, and it can ruin a company‚Äôs reputation. Identifying the areas of exposure and proactively addressing them can help avoid those situations.