volunteer drivers

When a person who is volunteering for a nonprofit organization drives as a part of his or her volunteer duties, the organization could face serious liability if he or she experiences an accident. Organizations that rely on help from volunteers need to take steps to ensure that the individuals will be able to drive safely on the organization’s behalf. In addition to checking volunteers’ driving records, training is an effective way to help prevent accidents.

The Benefits of Online Training

Even when a volunteer has an outstanding driving record and hasn’t had any accidents or tickets, he or she may not familiar with driving in certain types of weather conditions or responding to an unsafe condition on a roadway. VIS’ free online volunteer driver training can give your volunteer drivers important information about how to drive safely in unsafe conditions and teach them useful tactics to avoid accidents.

Course Features

Topics reviewed in an online driving course include maintaining a safe speed, staying aware of other vehicles, and careful passing and changing lanes. A course will also cover distracted driving, an increasingly common cause of accidents.

Virtually all drivers would benefit from taking an online driving course, including very experienced drivers. A self-paced comprehensive course about staying safe on the road will be an excellent addition to your organization’s risk management initiatives.