as explained by SB One Insurance Agency

“No one wants to come into work and find that there are inches of standing water in the building, especially if you’re the owner. You’ve protected your business from other risks, but what about the building itself? That’s where flood insurance comes in. First of all, what does flood insurance cover?

Flood Insurance Coverage and Limitations

A flood insurance policy is designed to help you recover after a flood, which is why you need to have it as part of your commercial insurance plan before disaster strikes. Damage can come in the form of ruined equipment and and structural damage. Your policy can help you replace items and rebuild if necessary. However, certain things may not be covered by a policy, including the following:
Commercial vehicles
Lost income from business interruptions
Mold and mildew

There are different policies designed for different flooding needs, as explained by SB One Insurance Agency. For example, living in a flood-prone area means you may need more coverage than a business located in a reality flood-free area. An insurance agent can help you choose the right policy.

Don’t Let Flooding Stop Your Business

The damage from flooding can be catastrophic, but flood insurance can help you pick up the pieces and keep your business running. To fully understand how flood insurance can help you, you need to be able to answer the question, what does flood insurance cover? That way, you can be prepared.