Builders Risk Insurance

Protecting Your Construction Projects

Construction work comes with a great deal of risk, no matter the size of your company or the type of projects you work on. That’s why you need builders risk insurance, so you can focus on the project and stop worrying about unexpected events.

What It Is

This type of insurance is made specifically for the construction industry. It provides protection that covers the entire length of a project from beginning to end, no matter how long it takes to complete. That means you don’t have to worry about the job site or any materials you have in-transit throughout a project. The following is a list of possible coverage areas:






Flooding and windstorms

Soft costs

Your insurance plan can be written specifically for your business, so you can be confident that your company, reputation and assets are covered from head-to-toe. That way, unexpected delays don’t have to put your construction work on hold.

Build Safely and Confidently

Being covered by an insurance plan is essential for a construction company. Whether you are building a house or a shopping mall, the right builders risk insurance can help your construction business mitigate risks associated with your work. When you’re covered, you can focus on the job and not worry about anything that might happen, because you know it is taken care of beforehand.