If you’ve recently purchased a house with historical significance, you may be wondering what you need to know about preserving a historic home. Although historic homes may require special care, you can help maintain them by following these simple strategies.

Schedule Frequent Maintenance With Experienced Professionals

Focusing on regular maintenance is one of the easiest ways to keep your historic home in good shape. Note, however, that in some instances, you may need to reach out to experienced conservation professionals to ensure your home is handled properly. Some simple ways to help keep your home pristine include:

  • Gentle weekly cleaning sessions paired with frequent deep cleaning
  • Maintenance paint jobs
  • Floor waxing and carpet cleaning
  • Landscaping and yard tune-ups

Apply for Historic Status and Related Grants for Maintenance Funding

If your home doesn’t already have historic status, you may want to apply for it immediately in order to access special maintenance grants. These grants could provide additional funds that you could then use for further home preservation. Some types of historic status your home may be eligible for include the following.

  • Landmark historical significance in your region
  • Historical architectural significance
  • Local cultural significance for your town or community

For many historic homeowners, preserving a historic home is of the utmost importance. If you own a historically significant house, be sure to follow these simple tips to maintain and preserve your home’s condition.