yacht club liability coverage

The Value of Liability Coverage for Your Yacht Club

Liability coverage is an important part of any comprehensive insurance plan to protect your yacht club business. Yachting is an exciting industry to be in, but with great excitement comes great levels of responsibility to ensure the safety of your company, boats and patrons. When shopping for insurance quotes, make sure to discuss the yacht club liability coverage options available to you.

What Could You Be Liable For?

Liability coverage exists to protect you and your company from any claims that result from injury, personal damage or property damage. In the yacht club world, this could mean anything from a slip and fall on a wet dock to a sunken boat during a race. If you offer sailing classes or hold regattas, the chances of claims may increase. Costly mistakes can happen, so it is crucial to protect yourself and your business investments.

With regard to property coverage, yacht club liability coverage can cover a range of options from your facility itself to the property of club members. A qualified insurance broker can help put together a complete insurance plan that is right for your needs. By taking measures to protect your company today, you work towards protecting your future as well.