“Attorneys provide a necessary service for their clients whether helping them through a difficult divorce or defending them in a criminal trial. Unfortunately, there is still a professional liability for lawyers. Here are a few common claims.


Lawyers defend their clients in and out of court. However, omitting or misrepresenting a material fact in the case could put the lawyer at risk for a fraud claim. The client or non-client must provide evidence to back their claim.

Fiduciary Duty Breach

Attorneys have a fiduciary duty to their clients. The lawyer needs to remain loyal and fair to his or her client. These claims call into question the lawyer’s fidelity and integrity. Failure to put the client’s needs above their own can have a lawyer facing a malpractice lawsuit.


Perhaps the most common malpractice claim is that of negligence. Huntersure reports that errors & omissions policies can be written specifically to cover the needs of large or small to medium firms. An e&o policy written for lawyers covers the unique client-attorney relationship and the duties outlined in professional conduct, but negligence claims tend to be similar regardless of professional title.
A claim against the professional liability for lawyers can be a nuisance. Insurance can step in and take some of the financial headaches off the shoulders of the attorney while providing legal representation.