Water is life. This is true for not only humans but animals and plants as well. People and pets that dwell in urban areas, as well as those in the most rural places, need access to this precious resource. Groundwater located below the earth’s surface is a common source for supply and irrigation. Municipalities, companies and rural landowners all need to install wells to reach the sources below grade, but safety concerns must be taken into consideration before drilling.

Prioritizing Safety

According to experts of water drilling safety, these are the major checks that need to be completed before installing a well:

  • Locating water in areas that are safe
  • Avoiding hitting nearby utilities
  • Using large equipment near overhead power lines
  • Wearing personal protective equipment
  • Being alert and aware of surroundings
  • Lifting properly

Drilling for water can create unsafe conditions, so it’s critical to have a comprehensive plan before the work starts. Unsafe drilling operations can also negatively impact the groundwater source.

Covering Risks

Drilling for water comes with risks that can result in costly damage or even a lawsuit. It’s important to have insurance that covers every aspect of drilling operations. Before you work, it’s important to secure coverages that protect you and your operations, especially related to the safety concerns above.