Hired & Non-Owned Insurance

If you get into an accident while driving your own car, your insurance coverage may cover any injuries and damages you cause. Coverage gets a little trickier when you are dealing with a vehicle that an employee or temporary hire was driving at the time of the accident, particularly if your company does not own the vehicle in question. It’s important to understand the allowances and limits for the additional insured on hired and non-owned auto policies.

Standard Coverage

Accidents can result in not only personal injury but also property damage. Most hired and non-owned auto policies cover expenses for which you may be held liable:

  • Other party’s injuries when your employee was driving
  • Damage caused by an accident in which your employee was at fault

As you are likely aware, there are several other expenses that can occur during a wreck, and these are not necessarily automatically covered.

Extra Coverage

There are expenses after a wreck that must be explicitly outlined in the policy or related endorsements in order to be covered. As seen on https://www.wwspi.com/, the damage to the vehicle your employee is driving usually has to be added to your policy in order to be covered. This requires a specific endorsement or additional policy.

It’s important to know what protections your insurance package provides. Talk to your agent to make sure you have adequate coverage.