Non-Occupational Insurance Coverage

Worker’s compensation insurance is limited in that it only covers accidents and injuries that occur on the job. In reality, though, accidents can happen almost anywhere, not just when people are at work. Research shows that non occupational insurance can offer protection for employees and employers when an injury occurs during non-working hours.

What Non-Occupational Insurance Covers

This special type of insurance is designed to protect workers if they are injured and unable to work. It works like disability insurance by replacing lost wages — either partially or in full — if an injury or disability prevents someone from being able to do their job.

Benefits of Adding Coverage

Non occupational insurance is attractive to businesses for several reasons. One of those is that it can offer protection to independent contractors who are not typically protected by employee benefits. Additionally, several states require employees to pay lost wages when employees are injured, even if the injury occurred outside of work. A non-occupational policy can help reduce the financial burden of that requirement. Adding coverage like non-occupational insurance also lets employees know they will be taken care of even if they are unable to work.

The right insurance coverage will protect both a business and its workers, and non-occupational coverage adds an additional layer to that protection.