Sexual Molestation Liability Insurance

Although you might not want to think about it, your business needs sexual molestation liability insurance. One in three women over the age of 16 reports some form of sexual molestation or assault. This means that it could happen at your business or be perpetrated by one of your employees. Sexual molestation liability insurance can cover you in this event. It usually includes these coverages.

Claims Investigation

Hiring investigators to root out the truth in these matters is expensive. The policy can cover the cost of such investigations and investigators.

Training and Retraining

You’ve probably attended a sexual misconduct seminar at one point or another in your career. The cost of these classes can be high, especially if you are conducting them due to an allegation. Some liability insurances will help offset this cost.

Negligent Hiring 

No matter how careful you are, sometimes someone slips through the cracks. Unfortunately, you can be held liable for someone who is a first time offender or an improperly conducted background check. If your hiring practices are even a bit faulty, this policy can help offset the cost of a lawsuit.

Reputation Damage

When an accusation of sexual misconduct is made public, your business’s reputation can be severely damaged. Fortunately, this type of policy helps you to restore your reputation.

Not all liability policies cover each type of damage. Carefully examine your insurance to make sure you are covered no matter what the issue is.