Most entrepreneurs have one question on their mind before starting a company. How can they get a business bonded and insured? If you’re bonded, then your clients will feel a lot safer and your business will be safe from the more popular risks that could destroy a business. If you’re trying to figure out how to get bonded and insured for a small business, then this guide should be able to help you.

How to Get Business Insurance

In order to buy business insurance, you need to assess your risks. Consider what accidents, lawsuits or disasters may affect your business. Next, find a reputable agent. Commercial agents can help you find the policies that will work best with your company. Before you choose an agent or policy, make sure that you find the right policy by shopping around. That’s the best advice on how to get insurance for a small business.

How to Get Bonded

If you’re ready to become bonded, you first need to figure out whether you need a fidelity or surety bond. The differences are as follows:

  • Surety bonds are required by a third party to protect itself or the public
  • Fidelity bonds are insurance for you or your business

To protect your clients, you want to be bonded, licensed and insured. Keep in mind that there are different bonds for different purposes. To protect the public, surety bonds are required by the government. Fidelity bonds protect the business and can be a requirement.

When it comes to how to get bonded and insured for a small business, it can get complicated. That’s why licensed agents have expertise in this area to explain it to clients. If you don’t know how to get insurance for a small business or how to get business insurance, it’s best to ask a licensed agent for help.