Byrnes Agency Insurance

Contractors insurance helps contractors of all sizes protect their financial assets should something go wrong. While most contractors include a general liability policy, there are a few overlooked policies your business may benefit from having.

Surety Bonds

The experts at Byrnes Agency Insurance state some projects require surety bonds. These bonds are often required to work on government projects. They ensure the project will be completed even if your business fails to do so. The bond guarantees the work to the entity, but your company pays to have it.

Pollution Liability

Contractor projects often involve hazardous waste such as paint and chemicals. Should the hazardous waste from your project harm someone else or their property, this policy steps in to cover those expenses Many times, you are also in charge of the clean-up costs, which are covered as well.

Installation Floater

Once the work has been accepted, there is no need for an installation floater policy. However, this insurance plan covers the labor and materials during the installation process of a project. This is a handy policy, especially for trade contractors.

A customized contractor’s insurance plan can include these along with commercial auto, professional liability and workers’ compensation. Comprehensive coverage is one way to help mitigate the risk of financial loss.