The real estate industry has many areas of operation, but one thing is for certain: they are all at risk for potential liabilities. Property damage or personal injuries can spell doom for the unprepared. Here are some specific examples of cases that can benefit from the protection of real estate industry insurance.

Shopping Malls and Centers – shopping malls and centers feature consistent foot traffic, which can lead to undesirable liability issues and claims.

Industrial Parks – industrial parks are areas with major commercial activities that involve heavier materials and processes. Commercial real estate insurance is a must for this type of establishment.

Office Buildings – office buildings feature light work for staff, but owners will need protection for rare incidences of damage or injury.

Property Managers – property managers will want real estate insurance to protect against unplanned and unwanted events.

Real Estate Developers – real estate development is a complicated niche with plenty of potential hazards. Real estate insurance can keep the project going forward after unplanned circumstances.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) – investors need to insure their property against damages and liability.

The real estate industry is full of promises of profit, and the right insurance policies will protect them from disruptions.