Nurses Professional Protection

Working as a nurse comes with countless professional benefits and emotional rewards, but it can also leave you vulnerable to malpractice lawsuits. In order to prevent financial and reputation harm in the event of a lawsuit, you may want to look into getting nursing malpractice insurance. This specific coverage offers several important professional protections.

Several Medical Malpractice Claim Types Are Possible

Most nurses may assume that they’re automatically covered for liabilities by their employers, but this is not always the case. In fact, there are several types of claims that can occur, including, in many cases:

  • Breach of care duty
  • Injury resulting from care failure
  • Financial or emotional damages

Furthermore, nurses working as independent contractors or as part-time employees may receive different liability insurance than full-time employees.

Two Min Policy Types Cover Most Situations

Each nurse’s policy needs will be different, but there are two main types that can cover a majority of situations. The first is called claims-made insurance, and it provides protection for events occurring during the policy term. On the other hand, occurrence-based insurance can provide coverage even after retirement or policy termination.

Nurses provide invaluable medical services, but without proper insurance in place, may be leaving themselves vulnerable to malpractice claims. To prevent this, having a nursing malpractice insurance policy can provide a needed safety net.